Indian Academic Psychology

We understand Indian Academic Psychology well

Clearly, by the turn of this new millennium, the academic scenario is changing in India. The scientific community is better prepared now than in the past to accept a psychology rooted in native wisdom and philosophical traditions. Students in India are increasingly aware of the wide gap between their academic pursuits and the real-life problems of people. The replicative nature of research endeavors, antiquated and obsolete teaching programs, and lack of applied orientation have devoid the discipline of any professional momentum. Indians want to break free from the theoretical and methodological constraints of the discipline to grapple with the real issues of development and to act as social catalysts in the change process. Indians are also aware that if they fail to take up the challenge, they are likely to be completely marginalized.

Teachers are piled up with other non-academic responsibilities.

Parents don't have time to focus on children's education and so they're unable to help them progress.