Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Solution for School Management

aCloud @ Work!

aCloud has been an intriguing venture which takes care of the main website, the school server and a school local network all merging into a Hybrid Cloud. Both for students as well as parents this management system at aCloud is a control that handles the modules of academic analysis along with the virtual connection that is provided. aCloud has its focus in the provision of education with the right kind of barons and packages. Any appreciable benefit that a student gets from our management system is a turn in for us!

Why Hybrid Cloud?

Not everyone can get an individual support system financially or classically. Hence aCloud provides you with an extensively customized set of processes that has 24 X 7 accesses with excellent smoothness and characterized information.

A friendly design as well as well cultivated administration of aCloud’s hybrid cloud helps out a number of people to reach out effortlessly to create elements and desirable projects for the betterment of studies and functional basics.

With a basic source code and free of charge links to access, aCloud grabs the attention of educators as well as students for modification of plug ins and managing the internal elements. But at the same time there is another lot which feels delighted to have an exposure to such a simple character of education.

Who can use it?

With the most basic acquaintance of dealing with a computer, one can easily get their hands laid on the aCloud processing including the Hybrid Cloud.