Execution Of School Administrative System

aCloud online portal allows you to save, alter or even recover back any kind of data that you had fed to us. But for all these processes to move smoothly there are quite a good set of hands working behind the scenes. The major executive work is done by a pile of people who work 24X7 so that only the best is delivered under any circumstances.


This execution handles all the variants of online admission procedures, merit lists, processes for the whole year, results, marks sheets, certificates storage as well as academic calendar. Hence conformity in receiving good service is a definite.

Finance & HR

Fees, payroll, accounts, HR features, leaves etc are managed by the human Resource department which thrives by the name of aCloud just to be loud and clear in their perfection of work gathering all the interest.

Back Office

This part of aCloud is proud and stubborn not because they have to but because of the high quality work delivery. This is possible only when the vendors, Hotel % quarters, transportation facilities, Library management, Project management, Committees handling, events management etc are all pull off well. That is when the self-righteous feel, of both the folks working in this department as well as aCloud as a whole, surfaces.