About us

aCloud is a cloud based venture by The Imaginations. Academics and technology has been always a big
challenge for education barons and so even students and parents as well. The Imaginations.com is bringing this virtual academic process management cloud to control your different academic modules allowing you to make your focus on providing best education to your students and leave the part of analysis and management on aCloud – a virtual cloud management and analysis system by The Imaginations.

It provides a synchronized system and reduces lots of human efforts and mistakes being computerized processes.

Parents can now easily track their children's daily school and tuition routines from a single place using a single login though they are from different academic institutions. Facilities like fee schedules and reminders, educational progress, results and attendance are provided to the parents as well.

Get relieved from the tension of managing software as well as website at two different locations. Have it all managed under one single platform of The Imaginations – aCloud.

Those MCQs and its manual process of making exams and checking is now highly techno savvy and through your question bank, you can just create exams with one click and students will give exam papers online to get the result right away. There is no checking required by anyone being automated process inbuilt along with it's solution.

Time table, reminder, payroll, fees management, resource management, accounts, library management, student track record, teachers and students performance analysis, transportation management, task management, home work management and many more systems are synchronized with each other to make sure that no stones are untouched.

Following are the modules and it's short details to give you idea how fantastic you can run your academic profession under your own website name using The Imaginations. aCloud engine and that too with absolutely throw away price and zero worry.