Software Sell v/s Rent

Cloud Based School Management Software: Sell Vs Rent

aCloud is one of the manufacturers which believes in extolling the virtue of any cloud based subscription. Hence we at aCloud, all itself, have been able to give a real reason for basic software availed for students, teachers as well as parents. With multifunctional computer experts and well updated software techniques, we have been successfully pulled good amount investors for the same too.

If we talk about software being rented or bought then we can suggest some differences laid down here:


  • Selling the software is a big investment in the beginning of any deal but then how it would turn out to be later is an unpredictable story.
  • Updates are zero. Once bought means regularity in updating the software can’t be expected.
  • Without much of a support system the sold software is the responsibility of the buyer completely.


  • With small investments and that too instalments life seems pretty simpler.
  • With regular updates time to time for the software, things get less complicated with time.
  • Company keep getting the recurring amount in the form of income and a virtual on site support system is always there to keep the score for the software.