Collaboration for College ERP Software

aCloud proudly has a number of success stories to share. In order to have a closure in any project, right from registration to them becoming a sole part of aCloud with regular allotment of certificate courses and other education forums, certain collaborative activities are responsible. That is how triumphant stories engender.

Quality process

There are certain tasks which are inculcated to ensure the quality of the material we deliver like making checklists, managing various tasks, keeping quality registers, setting up calendar, PTM/PTA managing and implementation of auto pilot facilities for A-class processing.


We make use of all the possible utilities available to us for the betterment of the service we endure. Good communication, easy email alerts, Better security, Management of call logs, Electives management, Document Management Sports activities etc are also utmost provisions available at aCloud for everyone.

Business Intelligence

aCloud is not a business alone, it is an enthusiasm for learners but still treating it even as a trade will help the management of the system run smoothly. Aspects like Gap Analysis, Comparison reports, Consolidated Reports and Targets have to be fulfilled by aCloud for which we have strategically right people behind.

Customer Relationship Management

Managing visitors, complains, reminders, alerts and other features like call logs is not that easy when it is for a place like aCloud where customers pour in on a daily basis. Proper CRM has to be administered for longer term of service.