Academic Trust

Our Academic Trust

Just like any other educational institute we don’t come across a global adoption firm, we think different, we have a state of mind that rapidly accepts changes so that the massive flow of data we provide in and out on a daily basis is well administered. Along with those coping up with effectively dominant priorities and changes has to go hand in hand. That is why we have an Academic Trust.

Why An Academic Trust?

When firms embrace each other and they hug the technologies, one has to be ready for conflicts and difference of opinions. Hence when different boards of schools and their courses come at one place like aCLoud, we make sure that those paradigms are managed well. Taking the time and money spend into account we believe in keeping a transparency alive. Schools (all the IB, CBSE, State Boards), colleges or universities ( of Law, Management, Science, Engg etc) need a single trust that thrives the institution to work harmoniously.

  • Features of the Academic Trust
  • Have expert panels for suggestions and advice
  • Usefulness of the resources are well understood
  • Avoids formation of clusters among different groups of people joining aCloud
  • Provide strategic aims to the proper governance of the particular course.
  • Balancing between the support and share sets of the modules and other reserves
  • Building a level of trustworthy relationship between clients and the preachers at aCloud